My name is Cedric Ascoop. I live in East-Flanders Belgium. I graduated in 2009 in applied computer science from University College Ghent.From then on I was let go into the magical world of real IT projects.

Currently I am working as a .NET consultant for Continuum consulting.
Now I am active at Securex. Here I am working as .NET Software Engineer and Team Lead on a project called HRAccent.
This project is the main project at Securex. HRAccent is sold to all the Securex customers to manage there whole Human Resource matters.

Previously I was working for Electrabel. Here I worked on a monitoring application where all measurements in the electricity sites in Belgium and Luxemburg are visualized in readable information. Alerts when temperatures get to high, when emissions are to high, …

And before that I was working at the Flemish Government as a .NET developer. But more about my career can be found in my resume.

In my free time I am trying some new platforms, programming languages, …
And before you think that I am a hardcore nerd, I also love photography and playing music. For me, playing my guitar or piano for an hour is the best way to relax after a hard day at work.

I also try to spread my technical knowledge trough my blog http://cedricascoop.be.
My current career goal is to become a lead developer/architect. The lead developer part is already achieved, but the architect part is still partially my job.
Now I am a developer who sometimes does an architecture job but it is changing to an architect who sometimes helps the developers. 🙂

So I think this is it. If you want to know something more. Just ask.

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