Docker is broken

Last week I was having some problems with my local docker install on my windows 10 machine.
Everthing was working fine and I was using docker for swagger to asciidoc and asciidoc to pdf conversion.
But suddenly the swagger2markup docker was saying that the path to the file does not exists (see image)

Docker Error1

I checked on the internet but couldn’t realy find the problem.
Mapping is correct, file is in folder, my C drive is shared in docker settings

I tried another simple docker container to see if this worked. I used the alpine and executed the ‘ls’ command.
Result of this: totally nothing. No error, no list of folder or files, simply nothing.

Docker alpine ls nothing

Again not normal because there ar certainly files in the C:/Users folder.
I tried disabling the share from my docker settings. By doing this the result of the command was already different. Now I got the error that the drive has not been shared.

Docker drive has not been shared

This is normal behaviour, so I enabled the share again for my C drive.
An by doing this the result was everything was fixed.
The result of the alpine ls command:

Docker working alpine ls

And after this successful run I tried again the swagger2markup docker command and yes, this was also working again.

Docker working swagger2markup


But now the big question remains, what was the initial cause of this problem?
After some thoughts I found the problem.
The day before the problems started I did a thorough cleanup of my computer. One of the steps I took was cleaning the registry with CCleaner tool.
This step made my local docker go completely wacko. But simply by disabling and re-enabling the share, the problem was fixed.


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