Started my own company

Hi everybody,

Long time no see.

I stopped blogging mainly because I was too busy with our private projects “building a house”.
Two years ago we started to build our new house, and like many of colleague IT-guys I know, I am also somebody who thinks of everything like “doesn’t looks so hard, I can do it myself”.
And I was right, I could do it myself, but it took me two years of hard work after my daytime job and in the weekends.

But after a couple of years I’m getting back into blogging.

The first reason is, building the house is done, so I have a little bit more time now.
The second reason, I have already several Word documents containing potential blog posts.
And the third and last reason is I founded my own company, and wanted to do some more research for that, and while upgrading my knowledge I can also share it with you guys.

From now on I’m not working anymore for a consultancy firm but I’m a consultancy firm (freelancer) on my own 😉
It took me a couple of years to decide whether I should this or not. But now “the bullet is through the church” as we say in Belgium.

The company will go through life as “Cedasco IT Solutions” or short “Cedasco”.
Not really hard to see where I got the name 🙂  ( CEDric ASCoop )

The main goal of the company is software development and IT Consultancy.
Of course we are always open for other opportunities as long as it concerns IT 😉

Go check out our company website, and if we can help you with you company needs within IT, don’t hesitate to give me a call.
cedasco website




It’s nice being back.
See you in short future with more new blogs.


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