TechEd Europe

Last week I was at TechEd Europe. This year the event took place in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

For me it was the first time that I attended TechEd and it was a great experience. Saw some great sessions about the new Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Azure.

Now I’m back home and trying out some things I saw there. So in the next weeks you will see some more activity on my blog. I will post all my positive (and negative) experiences with the new features in Visual Studio.

The first thing that I did was creating a free Team Foundation Service account. You can create an account for free and I think Microsoft said that there will always be a free version of the TFService. You can create your own account at

The second thing I did was installing the new Windows 8 RC on my laptop (as my main operating system). I installed it 3 days ago and until now I’m still really happy with the change. The new metro style apps look very cool. My laptop is not touch enabled but still a great experience with the metro apps. Another thing that I noticed and was very happy to see is the default sync with google accounts (also Calendar, contacts, …).

Some things I will try next:

  • Create my own metro style app
  • Create a Windows Azure account
  • Install Windows Server 2012 RC

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