Problem installing SQL Server 2008 on E Drive

Recently I tried to install SQL Server 2008 on the E drive of my server.

It went totally wrong when I tried to change the installation path to my E drive.

The error “The INSTANCESSHAREDWOWDIR command line value was not specified. The value must be specified when …” entered the installation process when I changed the drive letter (when you select the features) to E. (strange enough when I changed it back to C the error was still there)


Here is the process you need to follow to install your full SQL (including the installation files) on an other drive than your C drive.

First of all you need to go through the process as you usually would do. (without changing any of the installation paths)

1. Installing the Setup Support Files

SQL22. Overview of the errors/warnings during the install of the Setup Support Files

SQL33. Selection of the operation needed to be executed (here we select “SQL Server Feature Installation”)


4. Selection of the features needed to be installed

(Next screenshot can be different on your machine. This because of the fact that I already successfully went through the installation process)

On your screen probably the “Shared feature directory (x86)” will be editable.

SQL55. Overview of the completed operation to install the Rules

SQL66. Disk usage check. Here you can see if there is enough space left for the installation. This is information we can’t use because we are goint to change the disk.

SQL77. In the data directories section you need to change the disk to the one you want for the installation. This will provide you a little bit of work less changing the config file.

SQL88. After changing the directories you will come to the installation overview. At the bottom of the screen there is the path specified of the configurationfile.ini

SQL99. Open the file in notepad and change the directories from disk C: to the disk you want to use for the installation.


10. After editing the configuration file you can close the setup and restart it using the commandline with some parameters.

setup.exe /Action=Install /configurationfile=”PATH”

SQL12If the installation is finished you will see that the files on the selected disk are created.

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