Access denied by Business Data Connectivity

Today I was trying to create a list with external data in SharePoint 2010.

Dispite the configuration of the BCS went well when I try to open the list with external data I get the error message “Access denied by Business Data Connectivity”.


Here is what you need to do if you bump into the same problem:

Go to the Central Admin –> Manage service applications –> Your Business Data Connectivity Service Application

BCS2Now you can select the external data and go to “set permissions”.


In the “Set Permissions” option you can specify witch users need to have read/write/admin rights on the external data list.

In my case I just add the Administrator account with full access.


If I go back to my list now I will be able to see the records stored in the external database.

BCS7BCS5I gave the Administrator edit rights so logged in as Administrator I will also be able to edit the item.

BCS6This problem solved I can continue discovering new features.

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